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Foreign Exchange Market . [Nov. 22nd, 2005|06:04 pm]
International Marketing


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Hi Everybody,

Anyone interested in Foreign Exchange Market. I personally just got acquainted with it and found it very interesting. I am just a beginner , and still learning the tricks of the trade.

I got to know an interesting website, called http://www.oanda.com/ .

If you go to https://fxtrade.oanda.com/, here you will find something called as FX Game. Once you register, you are given access to a virtual amount of about 100,000. And then with this amount , you can start trading and learn the finer tactics without losing a single penny from your pocket. They provide all the information required, like the market statistics, live quotes, etc.

I found the FX Game, a very easy tool to learn Foreign Exchange Trading and the best thing is even if you make a loss, and finish those 100,000 , you can open another account and give it a try once again.

Let me know your experiences also, if you ever try FX Game.

Bye for now .

Have a good day !!!!!!!!