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The Liberation of Man (A treatise on fashion ideals in society) [Mar. 7th, 2006|02:27 pm]
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We will have to face that the metrosexual is dying a silent death in a forgotten corner of society somewhere. Analysing the trend afterwards, it has never been the actual success it was claimed to be and such isn't all that surprising.

The metrosexuality trend started with two major flaws, causing it to score meagerly.

First of all, men will always be men. It is a biological and anthropological fact that both men and women are determined by a couple of thousands of years of (sociological) evolution. Frankly, our development is peanuts on the time scale of evolution and it is safe to say that biologicaly, we have not evolved all that far yet.
Men will always be men, no matter how cultivated, emotional or caring they are.

Men (but also women) are driven by a series of natural drivers. Such is why elements such as competition, hunt (in the broadest sense of the word) and conquering appeal more to men than to women.

But the same is true for women and nature conveniently made men and women compatible.

Women are in search for a certain sense of security. Of course it is a plus when men know how to cook, dress with style and dare to show their emotions, but in the end, it comes down to the question: can he give me and my children the needed sense of security (whether physical, financially, socially, mentally, ...) I am looking for.

And of course, nothing appeals more to a man than being able 'to protect and safeguard'.

Don't get me wrong (and for all the independent women out there, don't get on your hindlegs just yet), this does not mean women are weak, can not be independent from men or anything of the kind. It just means men and women think and judge the opposite sex from a different point of (evolutionary) view. (and for those who want to learn more,
or think I'm making this up while I go along, I suggest The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris)

Metrosexuality quickly turned into what it wasn't supposed to be : competition and conquering. Why ? we are talking men here...

Secondly, metrosexuality wasn't anything new.

Men already knew how to take care of themselves for decades. They already knew a long time which brand was 'the best a man can get' , and already took care of their skin and hair. Men also already knew how to dress. It is no coincidence that the classical suit is growing ever so popular again. Metrosexuality wasn't new..it simply tried to push men further down the line they had been walking already.

And now men push back...

The new male ideal in fashion and society is the old-fashioned gentleman. Perfectly groomed , stylish and elegant. The new male ideal is actually...male again, and women turn to the 'real man' again faster than any David Beckham could send them text messages. The male ideal has been liberated, society allows men to be men again.

And luckily, it (and also the catwalk) implies that women can be women again.